“What themes will engage my audience?”

Identify new issues trending as they appear. Cluster and analyse popular claims and arguments being made.

Our algorithms find highly-targeted stories using AI to detect claims, arguments and stance.

“Which new narratives are emerging today, and which will be big tomorrow?”

Use trends to take action earlier by discovering tomorrow’s risks and opportunities.

“Who is writing the stories that matter?”

Know what they are saying, then get in touch.

“Who is influencing the important conversations?”

Identify the people leading public opinion. Find the voices that have impact.

“How should I shape my campaign messaging?”

Our stance detection lets you understand how public perception is changing.

We monitor content and conversation across all digital platforms. 300,000 sites, from mainstream news to niche websites. 30 million blogs. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Trending stories. Specific websites. Intranets. Forums and discussion sites. Police reports.

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